It Is Your Choice: Take Action or Face Extinction

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Lawyers Take Action or Face ExtinctionWhether you realize it or not, you are at a crossroads.

We face stagnant economic growth, rising unemployment and inflation and an unprecedented crisis of political leadership.  Your wasteful government has been on a drunken spending spree for 10 years and has awakened with a massive hangover rendering it useless to anyone looking to build a business.

During this period of economic upheaval the legal industry has changed right before our eyes.  In most areas of practice, billing has been trending downward.  The number of kids graduating from law school is up by 20%.  Average income for an attorney in a small law firm is down 25% since 2006 (according to the American Bar Association).  More lawyers, working for less money, means increased pressure on everyone just to get by.

To make matters worse, snake oil salesmen knock on your door everyday offering you’re the next elixir that will cure your ills.  Charlatans promoting Search Engine Optimization, Facebook, Twitter and Legal Matching services pick your pocket while they shake your hand.

So the government cannot help you.  Your industry is a shambles.  The people who say they are experts are literally stealing your money.

Where do you go for help?  Who can you count on to help you get through this mess?

Look in the mirror.

Believe it or not this is the time to make great money as a lawyer. Here are three things you can do, right now, to take control of your future.

Strengthen Relationships

Your clients and your referral sources trust you.  Invest in them.  Invest your time in helping them improve their lives and their businesses.  Send them referrals.  Talk them up everywhere.  Help them become successful.  You will be amazed at the return on this investment.

In the Far East this is called Karma.  In the movies it is called paying it forward.  In some business circles it is called “givers’ gain”.  I call it good old fashion relationship development. 
Help your clients and referral sources succeed and you will benefit in the long run.

Communicate Frequently with People Who Can Invest In Your Services

People forget us 10 minutes after they meet us.  It’s human nature.  Studies show that someone must interact with you a minimum of seven times before they will remember you.  This means you need to communicate with people often.  How often?  That depends upon what you have to say.

If you have something interesting to share with me every day, I will listen to you.  Most people feel the same way.  There is no such thing as over communicating.  Just don’t be boring.

Keep Your Promises

It is better to commit to nothing than to make a commitment you cannot fulfill.  In this day and age, people are willing to commit to just about anything to land a new client.  Don’t be that guy (or gal). 
When you commit to something, you must live up to that commitment.  Do what you say you are going to do.  This includes showing up, on time, for meetings.

It’s sad, but this is actually a differentiating factor in today’s society.

Does this three step process sound overly simplistic?

Don’t confuse simplicity with ineffectiveness.

Try this three step plan for 90 days before you invest in the latest internet advertising scam or social media platform.  You don’t need new technology, strong governmental leadership or a roaring economy to make a great living and live a great life as a lawyer.  You just need to apply some commonsense and take action.

Start now with these ideas:

Take Action with Direct Mail

Here is a great article about how anyone in any practice can use direct mail to boost conversion.  Read it and then do something with it.

Sometimes the Best Action is No Action

Remember High School?  Which girl got all the boys?  The one who “played hard to get.”  Do that and you will get more clients.

Get Others to Take Action

All great legal marketing contains a call to action.  You must have one.  This article will help you get started.