Law 2.0 - Oh please….

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It seems as though there is a 2.0 slapped on everything these days.

The genesis of this phenomenon probably comes from the tech world where it is most commonly used to describe the interactivity on many websites.  At one time it was hip and trendy.  At one time it was actually “cool” to say that a website was very “web 2.0”.

That time is over.

In fact, one of the magazines that archeologists will one day point to as a symbol of the craze – Business 2.0 – actually shuttered its print edition last year.

This should have signaled the end of the era. 

Actually, it should have been over when NBC television bastardized 2.0 with their version of it – NBCU 2.0.  This was basically a slash and burn job that had them cutting costs and trying to put an evolutionary spin on it.  .

So now that I’m working with attorneys here at I figured my first order of business should be to get everyone straightened out on this whole 2.0 thing.  I mean right off the bat, I’m hearing whispers about how this site is going to help advance the cause of Law 2.0.

God I hope not. 

There’s a more valuable area of focus for attorneys and technology.  In fact, it is something we should have been thinking about all along.

After 200,000 years we should have come up with something more advanced than version 2.0.

I think the Geico cavemen would tell us that we are probably at Fire “One Billion Point O”. 

As a final remembrance I leave you with the last of the 2.0 series of business re-definitions caused by the Internet.  And this is what attorneys should concerned about on the web:

Credibility 2.0

The Internet lends whole new levels of meaning to the adage: believe none of what you read and half of what you see.  The single largest concern about doing business on the Internet is the question of credibility. 

How do you know who you are dealing with? 

With the proliferation of cheap web development software, anyone can create and post a website within hours.  In no time at all anyone can have a website online claiming they are the world’s greatest in any field. 

The problem is how do you prove otherwise?

Have you ever searched for your name in Google?  You can bet your prospective clients will.  The Internet has become the ultimate research tool.  It isn’t uncommon for those who are dating to research each other on Internet search engines. 

Your credibility lies on the vast inter-connection of millions of computers around the world that we call the Internet.  When someone performs a search of your name on the Internet, what will they find? 

What if you’re looking to hire a new associate or intern? 

Don’t you perform an Internet search about all job applicants?  It’s a quick way to check up on someone.  Why give an interview to an undesirable?

So what will people find when they perform a search on you? 

Who are YOU online? 

Are you somebody that shares a name with an escaped convict from Alaska? 

Your online image is your new First Impression.  Make sure it says something about you!  Don’t let it be hijacked. 

You must control your online profile if you wish to ensure your Credibility 2.0.