Law Firm Marketing Essentials: Editorial Calendar

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Law Firm Marketing Editorial CalendarThere are a few things that are absolutely essential to your success in law firm marketing.  One of those essentials is an editorial calendar.

Why An Editorial Calendar is an Important Element in Law Firm Marketing

Topic selection is critical to your success with educational marketing.  If you understand your audience and you know what information they want, you can help them make the best decision when choosing a lawyer.

Note:  I didn’t say “select you as their lawyer” because everyone is not your ideal client. Your marketing process should not only help you attract ideal clients it should also help you weed out clients who are less than ideal.

Your editorial calendar is designed to help you select topics in advance and give you a plan for the writing you will do over the course of a specific period of time (usually one month).

The calendar can outline your blog posts, articles for publications, video topics or all of the above.

This takes all the guesswork out of daily article writing.

Steps Involved in Setting Up an Editorial Calendar

Here are the steps involved:

  • Select Topics That Will Engage Your Audience
  • Identify Keywords That Resonate With Your Audience
  • Write Titles For Each Article In Advance
  • Create a Spreadsheet With Dates, Keywords, Topics and Titles

Step One: Topic Selection

This is a function of the research you have previously done.  You need to get inside the head of your ideal client and understand what keeps him awake at night.  Once you understand how he thinks, you can break those thoughts and fears down into topics and sub topics.

Make a list of each of these topics.  There does not need to be a particular order to the list.

Step Two: Keyword Selection

Search engines are still dependent upon the use of keywords to determine article content. Given the topics you selected, use the Google Keyword Tool to help you select your ideal keywords.  The more specific you can be, the better you will be able to target your traffic.

For example:  “Prenuptial Agreements for Doctors” is better than “Prenuptial Agreements”  but “Prenuptial Agreements for Doctors in Los Angeles” is best for a family law attorney in Los Angeles.

Pick a list of relevant keywords that get good traffic (more than 10,000 local searches each month) and are specific. You only want to select 10-15 keywords and repeat them a few times in your editorial calendar.

Step Three: Match the Keywords Up with the Topics

This is not as easy as it looks.  You must give significant thought to which keywords go well with each topic.  Once you do that, you can proceed to writing the title of your blog post or article (or video).  If you are going to use this content on line, you might want to put the keyword in the title (or at least the meta description of the article.

Step Four: Create a Spreadsheet with Topic, Keywords and Titles along with the Publication Date

Now that you have your topic, keyword and title matched up, you simply list them out and assign a date to each.  This prevents you from repeating a topic in a 30 day time frame.  It also helps you organize yourself and your writing.  When you are ready to write an article, you simply sit down and write the article to match the topic, keywords and title you have planned.

The editorial calendar is one of the fundamental building blocks of law firm marketing.  You must be organized and focused in order to get maximum results. Take your first run at creating an editorial calendar right now.  You will be amazed at how it brings everything into focus and enables you to maximize results from law firm marketing.

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