Law Firm Marketing Means Building Relationships

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How are you?

That three word question, when asked with genuine concern, can be a powerful way to start or continue to build a relationship with a client.

Unfortunately, most of us ask that question and (subconsciously) hope we don’t get a lengthy answer.

Let’s face it, we’ve all had the experience of asking that question of someone at exactly the time when: their dog ran away, their kid failed a math test, they just finished a colonoscopy or they found something unusual on their spouse’s computer.

When you get those responses you immediately think: “That’s too much information!” And for most people, listening to those lengthy diatribes is frustrating and boring.

Today I’m going to share a secret with you.  It’s not a get rich quick secret.  It’s not a marketing guru secret.  And it’s not a secret that only I possess.  Many people know this secret but they fail to apply it.

Listening to the answer to that three word question is the secret to building your law firm.

You read that correctly.

Focusing on the lives of your clients, and having conversations with them about their lives, is the secret to building a successful law firm.

How can this be?

Isn’t there some sort of new technology that will help you attract clients?  Isn’t there some kind of contraption that starts with the letter “i” that will help you increase your book of business?


Law firm marketing is not about technology.  It’s not about the latest fad web service.  It’s about building relationships.  Building a relationship starts with listening.

When you focus your marketing on building relationships it affects everything you do.

For example:

Is your website a static brochure that speaks only about your accomplishments, qualifications and credentials?  Or does it offer solutions to, and education about, the most common problems your clients are facing?

How about replacing that ad in the daily business paper with an offer to get a free report?  And in that report you address the very issue that is keeping your clients up at night?

How about starting a speech with a story that intrigues and captivates the audience because it engages them emotionally?

Your marketing must be set in the world of your client.

You must enter the conversation they are having around the kitchen table.

This is not something that comes naturally to lawyers.  But it is something you can learn.  If you need help or you are confused about where to start, give me a call.

In the meantime, you can send me and email and answer this question:

How are you?