Law Firm Marketing Must Include Empathy and Understanding

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Law Firm Marketing Requires EmpathyLaw firm marketing must focus on the client.  This is something that 99% of all law firms do not understand.

Take a look at any law firm website or any advertisement in a trade publication.  What you see is information about how long the law firm has been in business, who the lawyers are, where they went to law school and the cases they have successfully handled.

Yes, the client may want to know this information but they want to know it AFTER they know you understand their problem.

Your goal in creating any form of law firm marketing is to convince the prospective client that you understand and empathize with his situation.  You must enter the conversation that is taking place around the client’s kitchen table and within the client’s mind.

When the prospective client knows that you understand him and you understand his situation, he will want to hear about your qualifications and background.

There is a chance however, that he may hire you before you get to tell him how great you are.

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