Law Firm Marketing Strategy You Should Not Miss

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Law Firm Marketing Big IdeasBelow are some of the best law firm marketing ideas that surfaced in the past week.  I highly encourage you to read, absorb and implement them as quickly as you possibly can…but only if you want more clients, of course.

Stop By For The Marketing Stay for the Lifestyle

Law firm marketing should help you make a great living and live a great life. ® That’s easy to say but sometimes hard to pull off.  Here’s how great lawyers do it.

How to Fire a Difficult Client

Sometimes you just have to liberate clients to retain other counsel.  In other words, you gotta send ‘em packin’.  Here how, when and why you need to do this.

Content Creation Secrets of Successful Lawyers

Successful lawyers make a commitment to educational marketing.  Finding the time to creat huge amounts of content can be challenging.  This article discusses how you can create enough content to fill a library in the time it takes to boil an egg.

If You Want Better Referrals, Be a Better Friend

Every lawyer wants more referrals.  But most lawyers are afraid to emotionally engage their clients.  The truth of the matter is, unless you build a deep trust-based relationship with your clients, the referrals won’t come.  Here’s how you can do that and still remain a big, bad tough lawyer.

Your Website as Your Primary Web Presence

Social media is all the rage online right now.  But you need to have one central place to send your prospective clients when they are looking for educational information in your area of practice.  This central location is your website known as your primary web presence.

Who Has Access to You?

Giving away your advice is a big mistake for many reasons.  People value things they pay for and they value them based upon how much they pay.  Instill some pride in spending in your clients.

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