Law Firm Marketing Tip: Avoid The Flavor Of The Month

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More than in any other profession, lawyers are prone to jumping on fads and believing hype.  When it comes to law firm marketing, this is particularly true.  Lawyers want to believe there is one magic potion they can drink before bed that will allow them to wake up rich, smart and thin. This makes them vulnerable to every huckster and con artist on the planet.

To make matters worse, there are a few dozen former lawyers out there who claim to be marketing gurus.  The added dimension of professional accreditation works like catnip in attracting desperate attorneys eager to learn the “secrets” of law firm marketing at the feet of the latest marketing magician.

This is the world in which I live and work.  Every day I receive questions from lawyers who have been listening to kids working out of their garage about backlinks and Google juice.  I get bombarded with questions about the content of a LinkedIn profile and the color and graphic design of a website.  After each speaking engagement, there’s always someone who tells me that he agrees with everything I have said, but he works with a Personal Injury Lawyer turned Guru who told him to self-publish a book on Amazon and he will get more clients than he can handle.  Or they say a bankrupt Trust and Estates Attorney turned high priestess of manifesto marketing has told them to hire a virtual assistant and they will be beating the clients away with a stick.

The biggest problem facing lawyers who really want to build a good size law firm is knowing who to believe when it comes to law firm marketing.

Here are a few ways you can tell the good guys from the fraudsters:


Somewhere in their own marketing material, a great law firm marketing consultant will offer information about his clients and the results he helps them achieve.  This information should also include what the average or typical client achieves as a result of his work with the guru.

Everybody benefits from the truth.  The client benefits.  The law firm marketing consultant benefits and the relationship between the two can get off to a good start because it is built on a foundation or honesty.


Every law firm marketing consultant should be able to provide you with references.  These should be names and telephone numbers of people with whom he has actually worked.  He should invite you to call the people on that list and ask them any question at any time.

Customized Approach

Another critical “tell” of fraudsters is the one-size-fits-all approach to law firm marketing.  They will funnel you into a group that meets once each quarter or onto conference calls with dozens of their other disciples.

You are a unique individual with unique strengths.  How can you be expected to conform to the mold the guru believes will lead to success?

Marketing must be tailored to meet the wants and needs of the client but the delivery of the message must be done in a way that allows the lawyer to leverage his strengths.

Relationship Orientation

If you are spending good money for help with law firm marketing you should be getting more than just some tips and tactics.  You should develop a relationship with someone who you consider a trusted advisor.  The support you will require when developing a law firm marketing plan for the first time goes beyond technical.  You will need confidence and reassurance.

As you read the guidance and preaching of the law firm marketing evangelists, keep an eye out for these qualities.  Although they are few in number, the legitimate law firm marketing consultants will always exhibit them.

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