Law Firm Marketing:  What to Do vs. How to Do It

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Legal Marketing What You Should DoThe other day I met with an attorney who has been practicing for over 20 years.  We were meeting to determine if I could help him.  Under his arm he had a file full of my weekly emails (he is a subscriber to The Rainmaker Minute).  The conversation started like this:

Attorney:  “I don’t know how much more you can do for me.  I am doing everything you talk about in The Rainmaker Minute”.

Me:  “You’re probably right.  I probably cannot help you.  But just for fun, tell me about one of the things you did.”

Attorney:  “The hand written notes.”

Me: “What about them?”

Attorney: “I sent them out and I didn’t get any clients.”

Me:  “How many notes did you send out, to whom, and over how many months?”

Attorney:  “Uh…last Tuesday I sent three handwritten notes to past clients.”

Me: “Just one time, on one day?”

Attorney:  “Yeah.  And it took 20 minutes and I got noting from it.”

Obviously this guy did not follow the process as I designed it.  Sending a hand written note is supposed to be the beginning of an on-going follow-up system in which you build a relationship with your prospective client or referral source.  This is a long term strategy.  Relationships take time to build.  Apparently, this guy missed that point.

Nevertheless, that was a real conversation with a real attorney. And it is not atypical.  I hear that sort of thing often.  People think because they know WHAT to do, they know HOW to do it.

Back in my early years I went to culinary school.  There I learned how to cook.  I know WHAT to do in order to make a meal.  However, unless you want to be deathly ill, you do not want me to make you something to eat…ever.  I am not good at it because I do not know HOW to cook.

Here is the moral of this story:  When it comes to anything, especially law firm marketing, just because you know what to do, that doesn’t mean you know how to do it correctly.

I often compare law firm marketing to sex.  Everybody knows what to do but few people take the time to do it properly.

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