Lawyer Gets Exactly What He Deserves

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How to Become a Successful LawyerEvery day people ask me if my business strategies will work in their practice area.

It doesn’t matter if they practice environmental law, personal injury law, criminal defense law or law relating to Native American Rights – everybody thinks their law practice is different.  And they feel compelled to verify that the strategies I have developed over the years will work for them.

In this week’s Rainmaker Minute I’m going to give you a quick case study that will show you how applicable basic client acquisition strategy is and how you can use it to attract the clients you deserve.
A few months ago Steve Klitzner (a longtime client) came to me looking for a way to attract new clients to his tax practice.  Steve handles IRS problem resolution.

What does that mean?

Well, think about people who have not paid their taxes for years and years.  Now think about them waking up one day and deciding that they can’t take the feeling of impending doom any longer. 
Who do they go see?  They go see Steve.

A good portion of Steve’s business is developed as a result of referrals from accountants, bankruptcy attorneys and other lawyers.  He does quite a bit of marketing and he is always looking for new ways to attract clients.

At one of our meetings Steve told me he was looking for a way to get more referrals from accountants.  While he had booked speaking engagements to groups of accountants in the past, he had never been able to convert them into new business.  With a speaking engagement to his State’s Association of CPAs coming up, he was looking for a way to make this event pay off.

Here is the exact strategy we developed and the results Steve received:

At the conclusion of his talk Steve offered all of the attendees a special report titled:


About 40 CPA’s gave Steve their contact information and he sent them the report.  They also receive his monthly newsletter on an ongoing basis.

In the three months since this event, he has received 8 referrals directly from accountants who got on his mailing list as a result of that strategy.  If Steve’s average case value is $5,000 (and it’s not, it’s a lot more) he added an additional $40,000 to his billing as a result of that one strategy.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Steve then turned the report into an article and pitched it to several trade publications and industry newsletters.  A prominent tax industry publication ran the article verbatim.  That article landed Steve two additional speaking engagements and three additional referrals from CPAs.

This report, which took Steve two hours to create, will help him develop over $100,000 in new business this year…and this is just one of the marketing strategies he has in place.

Here’s the moral of the story:

Steve Klitzner is a successful IRS Problem Resolution Attorney because he takes action.  I developed this strategy for him, but he put it into place and he got new clients as a result.

In the end, all of us get the business we deserve.

You just received the exact strategy Steve used to develop new business.  It could work for you.  But first you must take action.

Rest assured, whether or not you put this (or any other client acquisition strategy) into place, you are going to get the business you deserve.

If you come across a client with a tax issue send them to Steve.  And you can find that special report he published on his website: