Lawyer Marketing and Google+: Is It Time To Pay Attention?

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Something interesting is going on with Google search results.

A couple of years ago Google launched Google+ which was designed to be a social network competitor of Facebook.

Many people have turned up their noses at the prospect of Google’s foray into this genre.  Some don’t like the design.  Some don’t like the utility.  Some say “You can’t out Facebook, Facebook.”

All those criticisms are fair.

But many people overlooked one thing.

Google still dominates online search.  And it strives to provide the most relevant results to the user.

So it is logical to surmise that Google engineers will somehow find a way to incorporate Google+ results into their algorithm when you search for a product or service.

For example:

Wouldn’t it be valuable to you, if you were searching for a Chinese Food restaurant in Poughkeepsie, to know what your Google+ connections in Poughkeepsie considered the best Chinese Food Restaurant?

Supposedly, you connected to people on Google+ because you knew them, liked them and trusted them.  So their opinion on everything they comment on in their Google+ profile is fair game for search engine formulas.

Now we come to lawyer marketing.

If you are a lawyer marketing your services in a specific geographic area, it makes sense to have people on Google+ link to you (add you to their circles) and talk about you, and write reviews of your services.


Because this will, in theory, improve the likelihood of your law firm placing better in search engine results for searches of keywords used by your potential clients.

Sound like a great deal of work?  It is.

But there are teams of people, right now, in India, the Philippines, Bangladesh and a dozen other countries, working on this for lawyers marketing their services.  Yeah, that’s rigging the game.

But you might want to pay a little attention to this.  You might want to at least set up a profile and post your articles on it.  People will eventually connect to you.

Lawyer marketing happens on the internet too.  Some attorneys obsess over it.  I don’t want you to obsess over Google+ (or anything related to Internet marketing).

But you need to know that this development (Google+) is not new but it is picking up steam.

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