Lawyers: Do This Get More Clients

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Successful Lawyers Take ActionEach month over 3,000 people come to Rainmaker Lawyer dot com looking for the secret of how lawyers get clients.

While there is no one thing that will magically propel you to the pinnacle of success as a lawyer, there is one thing that separates successful lawyers from lawyers who struggle.

There is one thing that makes all the difference when it comes to attracting clients. 

I wrote a book on this subject titled Client Attraction Secrets for Lawyers so I’m certain I’m qualified to answer this question.

Here’s your answer:

The secret is action.

Do something.


Take action.

Sitting on your ass is a recipe for going broke.

Every minute you wait to start a marketing initiative is a minute you will never get back.  That’s time you could have been spending educating a prospective client.  It’s time you should have been spending connecting with a referral source.  You may have just missed out on an opportunity to create a strategic alliance with someone who could change your practice and your life.

You read these articles.  I know because I have NSA-level tracking software (yeah – marketing professionals have been tracking your movement for years and the government finally caught up.  But that’s another story for another time).

You read this stuff all the time but you don’t do anything.

That’s what’s missing…you taking the first step.

I can make it easy for you.  I can break it down into small bite size portions and feed it to you with a spoon.

But if I do, you need to chew it up and digest it.  Otherwise we are both wasting our time.

Does this sound harsh?  Are you offended?

Good.  Go cry a little and never read my stuff again because it is of no use to you. It’s wasted on you.

Get out now.

Oh…still here?

Fine.  Listen to this podcast.  The title is: Do This Get More Clients.

Take notes and then take action.

Look I can’t come over to your office, rip you out of the chair and kick you in the can.  I wish I could but I’m too busy teaching classes at charm school.

Do me a favor…since you have read this far, listen to the podcast, and take some kind of action.

If you send me an email with the action you’ve taken, and I think it is good enough, I might send you a copy of my book.

Then again, maybe I’ll just sit on my seat and gaze at the computer.  It seems to be working for you.

Here are three articles that are less harsh but just as effective at helping you get clients as a lawyer:

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You either have a bias for action or you have a bias for sitting around.  Sure, some people have a bias for work that makes them feel good and look busy.  But you need to have a bias for doing the things that result in business.

Can It Really Be This Easy?

Doing something is better than doing nothing.  Doing something well is better than just doing something.  Doing something well consistently is better than just doing something well once in a while.  Knowing what to do is the place to start.