Lawyers Marketing Question: How Often Should I Update My Blog?

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How often do you communicate with the important people in your life?

What would your relationship with your spouse be like if you only spoke with him/her once a week?

How would your sister or your mom feel if you only communicated with them once each month?

That would be awful and your relationships would suffer as a result.

Yet I meet lawyers all the time who only update their blog once or twice each month and still expect to get business as a result.

Things on the internet change rapidly but one thing remains constant:  Frequent blog updates are a good thing.

What is the ideal frequency?

It depends upon your objectives for your blog.  If you can write quality content with consistency, then do it as frequently as possible – at least once a week.

The key is to be able to create quality content at a consistent pace.  If you settle on weekly updates as your comfort level, then update your blog on the same day, at the same time, every week.  You may even want to post the day and time you update the blog right on the site.

If you increase the frequency, make sure you can maintain the new pace.  If you don’t maintain a consistent pace your readers will not know what to expect. Lawyers marketing their practice with the internet as a key component should embrace this concept.

For maximum impact, daily updates are the best option.

This blog is the perfect example.

By moving from weekly updates to daily updates I doubled my traffic (mostly thanks to driving people from social media to my new content).  The daily updates also improved my Alexa score quite a bit in a brief period of time.

The main reason to update your blog frequently is to build trust with your readers.

Ideally, the people who read your blog are going to be your target clients.  At minimum, your readers will be referral sources.  These folks are in a relationship with you.  They want to communicate with you frequently.  Your blog serves as a form of interaction with them.  When you post new articles, you continue your conversation.

I know it can be difficult to keep up with a regular blog writing schedule.  But the reasons to blog frequently far outnumber the reasons not to. Remember, frequent communication builds trust and trust is an essential element of any relationship.