Lawyers: Where Is Your Passion?

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Lawyer Who Lost His PassionYesterday I met with a lawyer who was absolutely miserable.  He was well off but he was in the process of getting divorced from his fourth wife.  He was obese, stressed out, and generally irascible.

His staff was constantly on pins and needles because of his volatility.

He called me because he wanted the great life he thought he deserved.  Apparently, money could not buy it for him.

As I sat across from him, I leaned back in my chair and asked him the one question that would define his big problem.  I said:

“Do you still look forward to coming into work every day?”

His eyes filled up and his face turned red.  He couldn’t speak but I had my answer.

If you became a lawyer solely to make money you are going to be disappointed.

I don’t care if you’ve been practicing one year, five years or twenty five years, focusing on money is a path to a miserable life.


When you focus solely on making money, you neglect the most powerful motivating factors for selecting the law as a profession…your passion.

If you are not passionate about what you do or your clients or helping people, you may make great money but your life will be disappointing.

Take a few minutes today and think back to why you became a lawyer.

If that fire is not still burning as hot in you today as it was back then, you may want to take a good hard look at your career options.

Sometimes the noble choice is to move on.

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