Legal Marketing and Your Motivation

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One of the most common complaints I receive about legal marketing is the complaint about a lack of motivation.  A lawyer will say something like:  “I just can’t write an article once a week.  I’m not motivated enough to sit down, think of a topic and write.”

This is not unusual.  In fact, nobody is motivated to do anything.  The key is to push through that lack of motivation and get the task done.

One of the key components to my own personal marketing is writing.  I write something every day.  A little secret I will reveal here for the first time is that I almost never feel like sitting down to write.  But once I do sit down and start typing the words just flow.

This is true for any activity.  Most of us will never feel like going to a networking event.  We’ll never feel like preparing a speech.  We’ll never feel like doing the preparation for an educational seminar.
But it must be done.

If you wait for motivation you will go broke.

Make a list of things to do and plow through them, one by one.  Do not let your legal marketing suffer from a lack of motivation.