Legal Marketing Expert Criteria From Dave Lorenzo

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The other day I was introduced to someone as Dave Lorenzo Legal Marketing Expert.  While I like the sound of the term Legal Marketing Expert associated with my name I am also aware that people are fast and loose when they throw around titles.

Since there is no regulating or governing body to create criteria for the status of legal marketing expert, I am going to do it.

Below are the official criteria for being an Approved Dave Lorenzo Legal Marketing Expert:

A legal marketing expert must focus full time on legal marketing.  He/she cannot have another part time job (like selling Amway, Mary Kay Products or practicing law).  The legal marketing expert must be totally focused and dedicated to legal marketing.

A legal marketing expert must be a student of marketing and must be able to demonstrate his/her willingness to learn and keep current in this field. This means the legal marketing expert should be enrolled in some form of on-going education program that keeps them up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in legal marketing.

A legal marketing expert must have focused on marketing exclusively for a minimum of five years. This five year rule stems from the theory that it requires 10,000 hours of practice to develop expertise in any particular field or discipline.  If you work 40 hours per week exclusively on legal marketing and you work 50 weeks per year, you reach 10, 000 hours in five years.

A legal marketing expert must demonstrate knowledge of marketing outside the legal profession.  This is important because there are many things that are transferable from business to legal marketing.  All ethical, professional and legal guidelines must always be followed, of course.  But having a broad base of knowledge is required of a legal marketing expert.  This may be demonstrated by experience:  Ten years of marketing experience in various industries is a good objective criterion.  This should also be demonstrated by education.  A masters degree in marketing, strategic communications, business administration or integrated marketing communications is also a good criterion.

The final requirement for a legal marketing expert is a demonstration of good moral character.  This means that information proclaimed by the individual to be true should, in fact be true, and verifiable.

These are the five basic criteria for becoming an Approved Dave Lorenzo Legal Marketing Expert.  I will accept applications and begin interviews immediately.