Lindsay Lohan and Bad Law Firm Marketing

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Everyone’s favorite spoiled brat Lindsay Lohan has been in the news for violating her parole and going back to jail.  While her behavior is unacceptable and I certainly do not condone it, we can take it as instructive to some lawyers.

And no, I am not talking about lawyers who are addicted to drugs.

I am talking to lawyers who keep making the same mistakes over and over again with their law firm marketing.  These lawyers use bad law firm marketing.  By bad law firm marketing I mean placing ads on public benches, using huge billboards, running cheesy television commercials, plastering their face on the side of a bus and spending a fortune on double size Yellow Page ads.

These lawyers are addicted to bad law firm marketing.

Here are three things lawyers who are addicted to bad law firm marketing (and Lindsay Lohan) can learn from the events of the past few weeks:

Address the Problems Deep Down Inside

Lindsay Lohan uses drugs because of an issue deep within her.  She needs to first admit she has a problem before she can get help.

There is a reason lawyers keep throwing good money after bad at horrible advertising.  It is because they do not know any better.  And that is because they have never asked for help.  The first step is to admit they have a problem.

Trust me; if you have your face plastered on the side of a bus, you have a problem.  Take the first step:  Admit you have a problem and get some help.  Bad advertising does not have to happen to good lawyers.

Take Your Lumps and Move On

Lindsay Lohan cries and whines and tries to worm her way out of the consequences of her actions.  She should just accept the fact that bad behavior has consequences and move on. Help is available and she needs to avail herself of the best resources money can buy.

If you’ve got some bad advertising out there, you need to get it taken down and move on with more ethical and effective marketing methods.  If you do not know how, or if you cannot do it alone, there are options available to you.

Once You are Rehabilitated, Stay Rehabilitated

Lindsay Lohan can still have a great career.  She needs to manage her life carefully and maintain her support system so that her addiction does not get the best of her.

You can follow the same course with your law firm marketing.  If you want to attract clients ethically and effectively you can follow a law firm marketing system and rely on the people around you to keep you on track.  This is much easier to do than you think.

There is no reason to use unethical or ineffective marketing methods to attract clients.  Help is available but you have to be ready to accept it.  Make the call today.  We can help you. 888.692.5531