Make A Commitment to Yourself

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Most attorneys sleep walk through the day-to-day aspects of their practice.  They are not focused on doing the things that are necessary to build a solid law firm that will help them live the lifestyle they deserve.

Taking charge of your career and achieving the success you deserve involves more than just showing up.  You must also be committed to making your goals a reality.  There are three different kinds of commitment made by successful lawyers. These are three specific areas of focus. I have out lined each of them below. See how you measure up in each area.

The Commitment to Plan for Success

You must take time to focus on the future.  If you do not know where you want to go, you most definitely will not know how to get there.  Taking time to plan is critical to the growth of your law firm and your income.

The Commitment to Action

Once you have a plan in place you must take action.  All the planning in the world is useless if it is not set in motion.  Once you have made the decision to move forward, do it, rapidly.

Do not wait.

The Commitment to Follow Through

Very few initiatives are successful on the first attempt.  You must be persistent.  You must be committed to following through.  If you want to achieve success, you must stick with your actions until they bear fruit. Nothing is more critical.

How do you measure up in each of these areas?

The good news is that if you feel as though you are lacking in any one particular area, you can make an adjustment and renew your commitment each day.  Life affords you the opportunity to start over with each sunrise. Take advantage of it.  Start now.