Marketing for Attorneys:  Powerful Positioning Techniques

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Positioning Strategy for AttorneysA few days ago I posted a video about legal marketing and positioning on my other blog.  It was intended to be a reminder that you control the perception you clients have of you.  When I think about marketing for attorneys the first thing I think about is positioning.  Simply put, positioning is the perception the client has of you.

Here are a few ways to position yourself in the mind of your clients:

Never Take Walk-ins

Think about the kind of person that just shows up somewhere and expects you to see him.  Is this going to be a high value client?  Is this someone who respects your time?  Even barbershops require an appointment (well, the good ones do).  Taking walk-ins makes you look desperate.

Charge a Consultation Fee

Do not let people waste your time.  People respect what they pay for.  People will assign the value to your time that you assign to it.  You need to tell them what your time is worth.  If the client hires you after the consultation, you can credit the consultation fee toward the engagement investment.

Never Negotiate the Cost of Your Services

Your work costs what you say it costs.  You must have integrity in your fee structure.  People haggle at an auction.  They can have a good attorney or they can have a bad attorney.  The decision is theirs.  Why should you accommodate them by charging what lesser attorneys charge?  Are you going to represent them less zealously if they pay less?  Never negotiate fees.

These are just three ways to influence the perception your client has of you.  You should structure your marketing so that even the smallest items positively influence the client’s perception.  This is what marketing for attorneys is all about.