Marketing for Attorneys with David Lorenzo: Nothing New Here

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About a year ago I received a call from an event planner who was working with a group of personal injury lawyers.  This group was looking for a speaker for their summer event in the Caribbean.

The event planner interviewed me for an hour and then asked for some references.  I sent him 28 testimonial letters, a copy of my two books, six months of printed newsletters, a CD with an interview I did on the radio, and an index of the 208 videos I had on line at the time.  He also had access to over 600 articles I have written on this website.

Included in this packet of information on my work marketing for attorneys was my business card.

I offered to speak with the head of the personal injury lawyers’ association after he reviewed the material I sent.

About two weeks later I received a call from the event planner.  He said the organization president reviewed my material and said: “There’s nothing new here.”

And that was it.  I was removed from consideration because, in all the material I sent, nothing impressed the personal injury attorney who headed up this group.

Fast forward nine months.

I am invited to speak to a small group of successful litigators.  I send every member of this group the same information I sent to the personal injury attorney.  I give the speech I would have given to the personal injury group. It was packed with lots of information on marketing for attorneys.

They went nuts for it.  They loved it.

In fact, many of the people in the group of litigators put the information I shared into practice and they made more money as a result.

Same information, different people.

One person (personal injury group leader) was closed minded and determined there was nothing he or his group could learn and another group of people found a couple of golden nuggets, put them into practice and prospered as a result.

How often are you the first guy?

How often do you prejudge the people, information, or ideas that enter your life?

All of us do this at some time or another.  We fail to find the one thing that can make all the difference in our work or our lives.

I often listen to educational audio programs while driving.  Sometimes I listen to a program for the 50th time and I hear something I never picked up before.  It’s amazing.  Fifty times and I find something new.

We must look at every opportunity from that perspective.

Say to yourself:

“What can I find in this situation that will give me a slight edge?”

The alternative is to be the guy who says:

“There’s nothing new here.”

That phrase tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy especially when it comes to your bank account.