Marketing For Attorneys: Your Body of Work Matters

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Want to land the next big case?

After the client leaves your office send him a box of testimonial letters written by your former clients. Also include copies of the books you have written and a CD of an audio interview with a news anchor.  Don’t forget to add in some past copies of your newsletter and articles written about you by various publications.

While he is waiting for that package to arrive send him an email with a link to some of the videos you have posted online (and maybe also a link to your past podcast episodes).  You might as well include links to some of the articles you’ve written and posted on your website as well.

All of these things matter in marketing for attorneys.

They make up your “body of work”.  They enhance your credibility.  They demonstrate the value you provide to clients.

You have spent the better part of your career amassing accomplishments.  You should confidently share your successes with people who can hire you.

What if you don’t have any of the things I listed above?

Begin to assemble a body of work.  With technology today it is easier than ever to write and post articles, shoot and upload video and create high quality educational content for a podcast.

The more educational material you publish, the greater your body of work, the more likely you are to be perceived as an expert.