How Attorneys Pass Good Quality Referrals

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How Attorneys Pass Good ReferralsHave you ever received a referral that just didn’t work out?

Of course you have.

We all have.

The platinum standard of referrals is a meeting which is facilitated specifically for the purpose of introducing the two parties.

The next best thing, the gold standard, is to get both parties on the telephone and make the introduction that way.

The worst way to pass a referral is by doing an introduction.  This is where an email is sent introducing both parties and contact information is exchanged.

If you want a complete explanation of each of these techniques and reasons why you should pass referrals using the platinum standard (hint, you get back what you give) watch the video below.

A big part of marketing for lawyers is done through passing referrals.  Take the time to get it right.

By the way, sending someone a name and a phone number is NOT a referral.  It is an invitation to make a cold call.  That’s garbage.  Don’t do it.