Marketing For Lawyers On The Internet Is About Clients Not Traffic

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Marketing for Lawyers Internet ObsessionYou build a great website and it becomes a critical part of your marketing strategy.  You start blogging and you write about important, timely and relevant topics.  You post links to your articles on social media sites.  You engage other lawyers in conversation on Twitter.  You send email articles to everyone you know and you wait.

After a few days you log in to your Google Analytics account and you check the numbers.  That’s just the beginning.

The beginning of an addiction that is as powerful as smoking crack.

You become obsessed with the amount of traffic to your website.

You focus on the number of visitors, where they are from, what they were looking for and how long they stayed.

While these numbers are helpful for a number of reasons they are, in one sense, fools gold.

Traffic is meaningless.  Clients are the goal.

Your website exists for one reason and one reason only – to drive people into the chair in front of your desk.

That’s it.

You can be the Earnest Hemingway of bloggers but if your prose does not motivate people to make an appointment and run to your office, it is worthless.

Over the course of the next few days we are going to discuss website conversion tips that will lead to clients in your office and ultimately, money in the bank.

If you have not been thinking of your website as an educational tool designed to motivate clients to engage you, you need to adjust your mindset.  Marketing for lawyers is complicated.  Using the Internet properly in that function does not have to be.

Your website is not just a replacement for a Yellow Pages advertisement.  It can be a powerful tool to help you attract the right clients but, like hammer used to tighten a bolt, the wrong application of this tool will produce poor results.