Objective Criteria For Selecting a Law Firm Marketing Expert

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There has been a great deal written about who is a good law firm marketing expert and who is not a good law firm marketing expert.  If I were looking to hire someone for help with law firm marketing I would ask the following questions:

What is the track record of the law firm marketing expert?

All claims of success should be substantiated. Make the law firm marketing expert show you results of his/her own personal efforts. They should have a booming business themselves if they are truly expert at attracting business.  Ask for a client roster or financial information.  Let’s face it, if they are successful why would they hesitate to reveal this information?

If they cannot do it for themselves, how do you expect them to do it for you?

What is the system you will use to help me grow my law firm?

Do not work with someone who will just wing it.  You want to see a framework that they will be following to deliver results.  Even marketing experts who follow a customized approach have a framework they use to help their clients get started.

If they do not have guidelines for their own work, how will they help you?

Can I speak with a former client?

Every law firm marketing expert has clients who have left him or her.  You want to interview these people.  You want to find out if the relationship broke down because of the law firm marketing expert of because of the client.

Why do you do what you do?

The motivation of the law firm marketing expert is critical.  Certainly you want to hear about the passion this person has for participating in the success of others but you also want to hear that this is a business.  Everyone is motivated, at least to some extent, by the need to make a living.  Ask this question to see if the consultant is going to be upfront about that.

There are at least a dozen other questions you should ask a law firm marketing consultant before you hire him/her and beyond their qualifications it comes down to a matter of personal taste and preference.