One Thing Successful Lawyers Know…There Is No ONE Thing

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One Thing That Makes a Successful LawyerI get lots of telephone calls from lawyers looking to pick my brain and ask me a “quick question.”

Most of the time these folks are looking for one instant solution to their problems.

The want to know the one thing that will help them.

Many of the lawyers who call even say:  “What is the one thing I can do to get more clients?”

When a lawyer asks that question, I tell him to find something else to do for a living.

Sound harsh?

It is.

But folks who are looking for the ONE solution to a client attraction problem will never be successful.

You are an attorney but you are also the owner of a law firm.  That’s a business.

Start acting like a business owner.

Successful business owners and successful lawyers build systems that help them attract clients and develop relationships.

Here are the five systems I help my clients build:

  • An Internet-Based Client Attraction System
  • A system to leverage speaking engagements to develop business
  • A system to write and publish articles to initiate relationships with clients
  • A follow-up system to help keep in touch with clients and referral sources
  • A networking system that helps the attorney establish valuable connections

These are not the only systems they have in place within their law firms.  They also have workflow systems, pricing systems, on-boarding systems and a few others.

Here’s the point:

There is no ONE thing you can do today to put your law firm on autopilot.  There are several things you can work on and refine over the course of the next few years in order to become a successful business leader.

So maybe the ONE thing is to become more of a business leader and less of a desperate lawyer looking to find new clients.

Possible?  Yes.  Probable?  That’s up to you.

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