Our Attorneys Marketing Mantra: Never Be Needy

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Needy Lawyers Screw Up Law Firm MarketingThe attorneys marketing with Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting come from many different backgrounds and practice in many different areas but they all agree on one thing:  Never appear needy.

Here’s what I mean:

All of us have, at various times in our business careers, needed to close a deal.  Maybe we needed money and the client sitting across the desk from us was the last chance for us to make our rent payment on time.  Or maybe we wanted to purchase something and the person on the phone was willing to retain us and we gave in to a weak attempt at negotiation in order to “get his money in the door.”

Sometimes we do things we regret because we need money.  These things include; taking bad clients, negotiating fees without negotiating value, or saying something ridiculously desperate to curry favor with a prospective client.

What many attorneys marketing their services don’t realize is that prospective clients can smell the stink on neediness on you.  This stench, like a rotting corpse in your office, repels clients and their money.

Nobody works with a needy lawyer.  Even through we’ve all needed to “close the next deal” at some time, neediness is not attractive.

So listen up all you attorneys studying marketing…Rainmaker Lawyer students are not only confident in their legal prowess but they also never give off the appearance of being needy.