Pick Up the Pace and Get Your Website to a Better Place

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If you are interested in SEO for law firms in legal marketing listen up.

Daily blogging will get you higher rankings in search engines.  Google has just made sure of this with its latest update.  As I highlighted right here at Rainmaker Lawyer in this bog post on Search Engine Optimization and Law Firm Marketing, updating your blog frequently will definitely have a positive impact on your search engine rankings for your keywords.  This has become particularly relevant after the June update to Google’s algorithm.

So given this new information (don’t believe me, read credible internet experts here and here) why aren’t you updating your blog several times each week?

In case you need more persuading, here are the benefits of updating your blog frequently:

Interaction with Potential Clients and Referral Sources: Frequency of communication is critical to the development of any relationship.  If you update your blog three to five times each week you are developing a more intimate relationship with your reader.  This is a huge benefit.  People do business with people they know like and trust.  As communication frequency increases, so does trust.

Better Traffic:  People will not read everything you write.  If you produce more content, people will have more choices as to what to read.  This is a good thing.  With more choices, you are likely to keep people on your website longer.

In addition, the people who do read your content everyday will be great website visitors and will likely become referral sources or clients.  This is because they visiting to hear what you have to say.  At first they may visit your blog because they have an interest in a specific topic.  After a while they may just be interested in your opinion on anything.  This is how good relationships begin.  Developing relationships is the object of law firm marketing.

Better thinking: Writing frequently (daily is preferred) is a great way to organize your thoughts.  If you write every day, you will be forced to be organized in your thinking and in sharing your ideas.  Both of these are good things for lawyers and law firms.

In many, many ways updating your website content daily will help strengthen your brand, your blog and your business.  If you are serious about law firm marketing and serious about search engine optimization for law firms you must find a way to update your blog every day.