Random Legal Marketing Thoughts I Wrote on My Hand

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Not that long ago a media-savvy politician taught us that notes on your hand were better than a speech on a teleprompter.  As I travel around the world sharing my hopey, changy legal marketing stuff I use my hand as a notepad.

Here are some things I wrote down that I thought I would share with ya:

Referrals are still the best way to get clients as a lawyer.  You still need a legal marketing plan but it should have a segment dedicated to keeping your name in front of your potential referral sources. Frequency of communication builds trust.  Trust is important both from clients and from people who are sources of referrals.  Legal marketing must include a referral strategy.

Clients still hate hourly billing.  This one is not going away just like everyone’s favorite former beauty queen turned TV anchor turned politician turned pundit.  If you bill hourly, you will lose clients.  If you don’t figure out alternative billing strategies in the next few years, you will lose lots of clients.

The law is still a profession and a business.  I know, I know, the “Just be a Good Lawyer” crowd hates when I say this.  If you are not living the lifestyle you thought you would when you graduated from law school, you probably forgot about the business aspect of owning a law firm.  Put together a legal marketing plan and start attracting clients.  Be a good lawyer but find good clients too.

The Internet has changed everything...well, okay…I guess it has replaced the Yellow Pages.  You need to have a web strategy as part of your legal marketing plan.  You can’t go rogue and not be on the Internet.  Get a website and a blog and start posting something each week.  This will help us realize how smart you are.

My final random thought is that just because I can see Cuba from my house that doesn’t mean I’m a communist.  So keep in mind that just because I help people with legal marketing, that doesn’t mean I like bus stop benches and 800 numbers that spell PAIN or HURT.  I may go rogue once in a while but my legal marketing advice is still pretty sound – even though I wrote it down on my hand.

Hey, can I call ya Joe?