Research Will Improve Your Legal Marketing

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Research Improves Legal MarketingYou must know who your client is and how he thinks.  How does he make decisions? Who does he trust? How can you become his trusted advisor?

You must also be equally “in tune” with your referral sources.  What do they want from you?  How do they think when they refer you a case?

Understanding the way these people think is essential to great legal marketing.

How do you become familiar with the thinking of your clients and referral sources?

Do some research.  Here are three ways to improve your knowledge of your target audience (clients and referral sources).

Ask Them Questions.  This is the most obvious way to understand someone.  Simply have a casual conversation with both clients and referral sources about how they make decisions, and about the things that are important to them.

Read The Things They Read.  Identify a few specific niche markets that your clients belong to.  Read the trade magazines for those industries. Trade magazines are excellent sources of information on people in specific industry groups.  People are usually proud of achievements that are recognized in these trade publications.  You can often interview the authors of articles and recipients of awards given by industry trade magazines.  This will prove insightful.

Go Where They Go.  Industry conventions and trade shows can also provide you with insight into the world of your clients’ lives and the lives of your referral sources.  Once you have selected a market niche, look for trade shows and conventions that are popular among the members of these groups.  Attend a few of them and mix with the people who are members.

Research is a great way to refine your legal marketing.  The more tightly you target your potential clients and referral sources, the better you will be able to attract the right clients and referral sources.