September 2, 2012 What You Missed This Week

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Business Leaders Behaving Badly

Our future is limited only by our own behavior.  This week on Valtimax Radio we focused on the nine behaviors that kill successful businesses and limit the careers of successful executives. 
Listen to the podcast to keep from limiting your own career success.

Valtimax Radio: Stop It!  End The Behavior That Is Killing Your Future

Put It All Behind You

If you want to grow your business and grow as a person, you need to put your mistakes behind you.  That’s not easy to do.  This article helps you put the past in perspective.

Valtimax Blog: Put Mistakes Behind You

Everybody Sells

Selling is a fact of life.  Everyone needs to know how to sell whether it’s selling ideas, products or services.  If you want to know where to start with selling, look no further.  Watch this video:

Valtimax Video: The First Step In The Sales Process

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