Sequential Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

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Sequential Marketing SuccessOne of the cornerstones of my marketing systems for lawyers is follow-up. The reason for this is simply because it works.

If you need proof, I have it for you.

Here are the statistics from my actual work with lawyers over the past six years. I compiled this information from work with 78 clients who had systems in place to follow-up at least 12 times.

Percentage of clients who engage an attorney at each contact point:

Consumer Focused Attorneys

  • 1st contact: 4%
  • 2nd contact: 5%
  • 3rd contact: 4%
  • 4th contact: 7%
  • 5th-12th contact: 80%

Business to Business Practice (including litigation)

  • 1st contact:  3%
  • 2nd contact: 3%
  • 3rd contact:  5%
  • 4th contact:  4%
  • 5th-12th contact: 85%

While there are differences in the numbers between consumer focused law firms and business focused law firms, one thing is clear…the bulk of all clients are engaged after the fifth contact.

What should you do with this information?

You should immediately put a sequential follow-up system in place.

To help you do this, I have recorded an audio program that outlines a program you can implement immediately.

Listen to that audio program on the player below or download it by clicking the link immediately below the player.

Sequential Marketing Strategy

The evidence is clear.  Sequential follow-up marketing works.

Ask yourself this question:

What is keeping me from implementing a system that has been proven to deliver new clients to my doorstep?

Do it now.

But only if you like money.