Should You Care That I’m Back on Twitter?

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I made the decision to start using Twitter again.

This should not impact your life in any way.

I’ll explain why in a minute but first some background…

I was an active participant on Twitter for the better part of 18 months in 2008/2009.  I spent a great deal of time using this form of media. I had thousands of followers, some of whom were actual people.  I had a few meaningful conversations but never developed any business as a result of my involvement.

So I cast it aside.

And now I’m back.

But this time things are different.

I’m not using Twitter as a broadcast media to develop business.  I’m going to use it to keep abreast of things that are important to me.  I’ll follow the beat writers from my favorite sports teams.  I’ll follow the liberal media.  I’ll have Twitter conversations with friends and family (people with whom I would have a real life conversation) and I’ll broadcast an occasional promotional message.

But I’m not going to go crazy following 20,000 people just to get half of them to follow me back.  And I’m not going to repeat the same posts over and over again to get you to read something I wrote.

Twitter is a good way to aggregate news and information.  It may have some value in developing relationships.  I think I’m a more mature Twitter user now so I’m going to give it another try.

Connect with me on Twitter:  @TheDaveLorenzo

Or don’t.