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Attention Law Firm Leaders:

Do you regularly wake up wondering what curveball will be thrown your way, by a member of your own team?

Each time your email inbox or mobile telephone “dings” does it sound an alarm bell alerting you to the next crisis you face?

Are there smoldering embers masquerading as business practices laying around everywhere in your law firm just waiting for a strong gust of wind to ignite them into a full-blown blaze?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this may be the most important article you’ll read this year.

It’s no secret there is a gap that was created between your law school education and the practical reality of being a law firm leader. There are few places you can go to get the information you need to help you function at a high level as a law firm leader.

This is your opportunity to fill that Gap.

Work directly with me, one-on-one, for six weeks to help you make more money and get home on time for dinner every night.

I will put you through the paces of my 10 Disciplines of Law Firm Leadership.

When our time together is finished you will:

  • Begin leading with your strengths. This means your days will be spent working on things you enjoy.
  • Immediately start bolstering areas of need in your law firm. This will allow you to double the productivity of your firm because you will develop systems and assign experts to complete the tasks critical to your future.
  • Develop an influential message to educate and motivate internal and external constituencies which will lead to more money and better clients.
  • Improve long term strategic foresight and create a plan to make your future goals a reality
  • Make better decisions
  • Meet people who can help you shape your future (through a structured networking program)
  • Focus on continuous improvement as your competitive advantage

In summary, you will make more money and live a better life as a result of our time together.

And I will put my money where my mouth is…

You read correctly.  I will INVEST in YOU in order to get you to take action.

Here’s how this deal works:

The value of this program is $12,000.

You only invest $3,000 at the outset.

In one year, you and I will sit down and discuss the value you received from our time together.

If you don’t think it was worth $12,000, I will forgive the remaining $9,000.

You only pay the balance if you are thrilled…ONE YEAR LATER!

No strings attached.

Pay ⅓ now and, if you are not absolutely thrilled with the return on investment from this Six Week One-On-One relationship, I will waive the remaining ⅔.

The choice is yours.

The moment is now.

Take action.

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