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Law BooksThe information you consume can help you become successful or it can lead to your ruin.  That’s why you must keep up with the latest trends in business strategy for lawyers.

Each week I prepare a summary of the articles you need to read to stay up to date with the latest trends in marketing for lawyers, business strategy, practice management and productivity improvement.

This week’s summary provides you with resources you can use immediately to make a great living and live a great life ®.  The key to success is to read each of them and take action right away.

Here are the most popular articles on law firm strategy and marketing from the past week:

Four Minute Fixation: Always Charge for the Initial Consultation

My new weekly video series is gaining popularity. This week we discuss the initial consultation.  Many lawyers feel they should offer a free consultation to “get the client in the door.” This is a bad idea. The video explains why.

Things You Should Not Care About

Some things consume every waking thought. You have the ability to allow some things in this close and some things to stay at arms length. How you deal with these things says a lot about you. Here are some ideas on how to manage your personal focus.

How to Hire Top Talent for You Law Firm

If you want your law firm to grow, you need to hire people. Doing this correctly is critical to your success. Making a hiring mistake costs money and time. It can also seriously damage your reputation. This article and audio program helps you make the best hiring decisions quickly. Read the article and listen to the audio right now.

The Help You Need to Make the Money You Deserve

Do you know how to ask for help? Do you know how to ask for the right kind of help? Many lawyers don’t. This article will help bring your needs into focus and help you decide how to ask for the help to achieve your goals.

The CD You May Have Missed - It’s F-R-E-E

You came to my website because you were looking for some information on business strategy, law firm marketing, practice management or productivity improvement. Since you came to me, I want to make an investment in you (and your future). Follow the link to receive your copy of my CD titled: The Five Secrets Successful Attorneys Don’t Want You to Know.  This CD is free and I even cover the cost of shipping.  Get it now before we run out.

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Every Friday we record and publish a new video in our Four Minute Fixation series. This series provides you with a brief tactical tip that you can use immediately. We encourage you to focus on the activity in the video each day for four minutes.

Social Media Properties

I participate in many of the social media outlets that are popular today. The focus is on content and information delivered with frequency and relevance to the audience in each form of media.

Below are addresses of our social media properties. On each outlet I share unique information with the audience.

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I produce at least one new video each week. Sometimes more. On my youtube channel you will find over 250 videos dedicated to law firm marketing and business strategy. Make sure you subscribe.


Want to stay connected and receive information several times each day?  Twitter is the place for you.  I tweet 20 or more times each day. Most tweets contain links to interesting and valuable resources. I also engage with people who ask questions start discussions.


This is a great resource for original content as well as an aggregation of information you can use to manage your law firm and attract new clients.  Add me to a circle and you’ll be sure to stay up to date with the latest information. This is also the pace for occasional “hangouts” (spontaneous discussions directly with me).


This is mostly personal information but I will connect with readers. Reach out to me and let’s see if there is an opportunity for us to get together.  I post at least five new articles each day here.  I also post photos and other things relevant to my political and sports interests.


I am connected to over 30,000 people (most of them are lawyers) on LinkedIn. I post five updates each day here and I accept connections from lawyers only (I only have a few connection opportunities left).

I have also just recently begun using Pinterest, Instagram and Quora. You can search for me and connect with me there but I have not built enough of a body of work on those platforms to describe them as substantial.  Look for interesting and valuable information on those media outlets soon.

If you are wondering why I have chosen to get so involved in social media or why I create unique content for each outlet, stay tuned.  I will be sharing more about my social media strategy soon. In the interim, keep in mind the trend in publishing (especially online publishing) is to focus on an individual’s body of work to determine if he/she is an expert.  The more high quality information you produce, the more likely it is for you to be perceived as an expert.

This is a lesson unto itself.

Watch what I am doing and how I am leveraging Google’s new focus on experts, and replicate it for yourself and your law firm.