The Alternative to the Internet

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Just about every day someone calls me with a question about Internet advertising.

Lawyers looking for a marketing panacea are flocking to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media.  They chase good money with bad, trying to find one way to attract one hundred new clients.  This leaves them disappointed and a little lighter in the wallet.

My role in the complex world of law firm marketing is to help you sift through all the hype and develop a cost effective strategy for attracting new clients.  This strategy is based upon the belief that finding one way to attract one hundred clients is risky, expensive and unrealistic.  Instead, we focus on developing a client acquisition strategy that is based in reality.  Our goal:  Find many ways to develop one deep client relationship instead of one way to attract several clients.

Remaining true to that mission, today I offer you a viable alternative to the Internet.  It is education-based marketing and it will definitely help you attract more clients – if you have the guts to give it a try. 
Here is an example of an effective education-based marketing strategy:

Step one:  Prepare a seminar on a topic of interest to your target audience.  Example:

  • Personal Injury Attorneys – Topic:  Insurance Coverage
  • Criminal Attorneys – Topic: Keeping kids out of trouble in the age of the bully
  • Trust and Estate Attorneys – Topic:  Asset protection for doctors and entrepreneurs

Step two:  Invite everyone you know to attend this seminar.  This means you should invite all of your friends and have them invite all of their friends.  The idea is to get as many people in the room as possible.

Step three:  Deliver great content at the seminar.

Step four:  Capture the attendee’s contact information.

Step five:  Follow-up like crazy.

If you have 50 people in the audience at each seminar, and you follow the steps listed above, you can expect to acquire 5-10 new clients per year from this strategy (provided you host 4-6 of these seminars each year).

When I work with my private clients, this is one of the first strategies I recommend they implement.  It is a low cost way to begin developing relationships with people who can refer you business, engage you, or both.  This strategy works.

Yet most lawyers will never attempt it.


You tell me.

I just gave you a gift.  A way to attract a few new clients each year.  Will you follow these simple steps?

Is this strategy as sexy as the internet?  No.

Is this strategy as easy as paying someone to get you on the first page of Google?  No.

Does this strategy get as much publicity as Social Media?  No.

But it works consistently.  It just requires some thought and some effort from you.

I don’t know what your plans are for your law firm.  I’m not certain what your income goals are.  But I know what I hear from lawyers all over the world.  They all want cost effective ways to attract new clients.

Here’s one.

How fast can you integrate this into your marketing activity?