The Benefits of a Podcast for Lawyers

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Podcasting for Lawyers Helps Get Your Message OutEach week I record a podcast that helps lawyers make a great living and live a great life ®.  This has been one of the best educational and marketing tools I have implemented.  Here are five reasons why my podcast has been a great marketing tool.

  1. Podcasting is a more intimate form of media.  The spoken word connects with people in a way that creates familiarity.  It literally allows you to “get inside someone’s head.”  This helps you make a connection with them and they tend to view you positively as a result.
  2. It is a regularly scheduled event.  This leads to predictability which helps enhance trust.
  3. This podcast is another way for people to discover me.  Podcasts are available through special directories.  This helps expand my audience and my reach.
  4. I can engage auditory learners through my podcast.  People learn through three primary methods:  Visually, Kinesthetically and Auditorily.  We learn through what we see, we touch and we hear.  A podcast helps engage an additional sense with my learning material.
  5. The podcast also helps me create content.  It is easy for me to speak into a microphone just as if I am speaking to a live audience.  This helps me to create new content rapidly.

If you are wondering whether or not you could produce your own podcast, here is a behind the scenes video that will give you a sense for what it takes.

Just in case you have never listened to an episode of The Valtimax Podcast, I have included one below.  Please enjoy it.  You can listen to it right on this website by using the built in player (which also works on mobile devices). 


I highly recommend you begin your own podcast.  You can host it using Liberated Syndication and post the episodes on your blog.  It is a phenomenal lawyer marketing tool for building engagement among the readers of your blog.

Here are three other podcast episodes I’m sure you will enjoy:

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These podcasts are a treasure trove of opportunity.  Use them to improve your legal marketing right now.