The Best Marketing for Law Firms Never Promises Anything

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The bodies that govern law firms in every state have legislated against representing a potential outcome to a client.  In part, this stems from sleazy practitioners making false or misleading statements in order to engage a client.

I am regularly approached by attorneys who “want to know the tricks around” this rule.  Let me be clear:  There are no ETHICAL ways around this.  Excellent attorneys do not want to get around this.  Good marketers and good marketing for law firms should never attempt to get around this rule.  Here are three reasons why:

Outlining all the potential outcomes in a case increases your credibility with the client.

Attorneys can never promise an outcome in a case.  Even giving the hint that a positive outcome is possible can sometimes lead to trouble.  But most attorneys are also hesitant to discuss the potential negative consequences of the legal action.

Covering the entire spectrum of possible outcomes is something that good attorneys do with potential clients.  They don’t stress the positive or the negative.  The simply help the client understand the implications of each decision.

Giving the client the information about all realistic scenarios, up front, is something that enhances the attorney’s credibility in the eyes of the client.

Being transparent about the possible negative outcome increases the urgency.

Setting realistic expectations helps clients evaluate you fairly.

You can promise to return a call within 24 hours.  You can promise to be honest with your client at all times.  You can promise to deliver the developments on the case to the client as quickly as possible.  But making promises you can’t keep is never a good idea in life or in marketing for law firms.