The Great Complexity of Legal Marketing

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Eye Glass Benson Legal Marketing Great GuyThey don’t teach it at law school.

Nobody talks about it when you graduate and take your first job.

People say you can learn it as you progress in your career.

Many veteran lawyers scoff at it as something that is less than professional.

I’m referring to legal marketing of course.

All of those statements are reasons you have not been able to successfully find some sort of standard for great legal marketing.

There are lawyers who were hacks in the courtroom and the boardroom who are trying to be the standard-bearers of all that is legal marketing.  There are coaches, gurus, mavens, consultants and Sherpa’s.

There are people who have systems and people who have manifestos and people who try to zen their way to new client relationships.

You will find people who step over millions and bend over to pick up pennies yet they view their glass as half empty and blame it on someone else.

Finding someone to help you with this can be as complex as learning about the discipline of legal marketing.

Before you go out and plunk down any cash for a legal marketing boot camp, super conference, seminar or retreat, do yourself one gigantic favor:

Read through the articles on this legal marketing website.

As I write this, there are over 800 articles achieved here.  There are also videos, podcasts and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about legal marketing.

Take some time…a weekend…a week…a month…and implement some of the ideas on this website before you hire the guru or priestess of legal marketing.

This website is not a panacea but it is a great start and there’s lots of actionable legal marketing information available here absolutely free.

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