The Personal Approach to Attorney Marketing

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Writing is a key component to any attorney’s marketing plan.  We often discuss blogging, newsletters, email marketing and video as key components in your marketing arsenal.  One important thing to remember is that all of these elements must be interesting to the reader.  This is the reason I advocate taking a personal tone in your legal marketing.

A personal tone means demonstrating to the reader (viewer on video) how the topic relates to them.  This can be done in three different ways:

Third Party Stories

Telling a story about a third party is an effective way to get your point across to your audience.  Think of the story as an educational opportunity.  Gram the audience and pull them into the story but wrap up with an educational message.  The third party story blends an emotional appeal with the appearance of a logical fact pattern.

Case Studies

Case studies are a more academic version of the third party story.  They contain actual facts, case information and often will contain citations.  Many people use case studies when they want to make a logical appeal to their audience.  Some people find this methodology to be more sterile and academic.

Personal Experience

This is the most effective form of writing.  When you tell a story about yourself it allows the audience member to paint a mental picture of the entire situation.  The receiver of your message will suspend disbelief and “get into” the story.  They will feel the emotions you felt.  They will relate to you.

These three methods of emotionally engaging the audience of your message are all highly effective.  The only decision you need to make is which method makes the most sense for you.  Experiment with each writing style in your attorney marketing.