The Truth About Law Firm Marketing Feedback

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Don’t Take Law Firm Marketing Advice From A ClownLet’s say you’re sitting around the office with a few of your lawyer buddies and you begin to talk about law firm marketing.  You start talking about follow-up systems and referral systems and value based billing and positioning.  You are basically teaching a marketing clinic to your buddies.  You’re showing them all the stuff you learn here.

As the conversation heats up you start pulling out some of your marketing material.  You’re feeling good about yourself because the guys you are talking to have no clue what real marketing is.

Then it happens.  You show them your stuff and they start to tear it apart.  They start to talk about how they know someone who tried that once and it didn’t work.  And they know people who have used those strategies and they wasted a lot of money. And they say that someone’s uncle got disbarred for using that particular tactic…

All of a sudden your marketing love-fest became a funeral home.  You’re depressed, your buddies think you are foolish and everyone walks away a little less confident than they were a few minutes ago.

This illustrates the problem of sharing good marketing information with the average, untrained lawyer.  Most lawyers do not have the slightest clue about law firm marketing.  They are not qualified to evaluate your marketing strategy.  (They are probably not qualified to give interior design advice either but somehow we never take their thoughts on the color of the rug seriously.)

The moral of the story is:  Only seek law firm marketing feedback from people who know about law firm marketing.  If you want legal advice call a lawyer.  If you want to learn about law firm marketing, call The Rainmaker.

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