There is no reason…

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No Reason to Be FoolishI’m confused.

Why do you do these things?

Is it because you think there is a short cut to relationship development?

Is it because you believe in throwing money at your lack of law firm marketing knowledge?

Is it because you don’t know what else to do?

You are not alone. Many lawyers feel this way.

There is no reason…you should pay $5,000 per month for an internet marketing system.

It is amazing to see lawyers throwing money at internet marketing companies.  These firms promise to deliver hundreds of clients to your doorstep…as long as you keep paying them each month.

Imagine that. Once you stop paying them you don’t own the content and it goes away…and so do the clients

There is no reason…you should invest $10,000 or more in pay-per-click ads and “re-marketing” advertisements to try and attract new clients.

Visit some lawyers’ websites and, the next thing you know, you see ads for that lawyer on every page you visit.

Read the news and see the lawyer’s face. Search for a recipe, see the lawyer’s face. Search for a flight or hotel room, there he is again.

This is a service provided by the search engines. It’s called re-marketing. And lawyers are spending huge money on it.  It is the equivalent of the attorney following you to the bathroom, the store and then to your office.  Pestering you all along the way to hire him.

Do you think this positions you well?  Does it make you look like a trusted advisor or like a desperate pest?

Attorneys have been driven to this new pesky tactic by the diminishing returns from pay-per-click advertising and the complete destruction of the search engine optimization industry.

Come on.  Keep your dignity and your money.

There is no reason…you should hire an “expert” to help you land speaking engagements.

Many law firms invest in public relations experts.  Those with sufficient budgets and a savvy team in place can leverage PR to help them build credibility.  But engaging an expensive firm only to have them assign an intern to research and ferret out speaking engagements is a waste of money.

You don’t have to do this yourself.  You simply need to hire a student who knows how to use Google and spend two hours with him/her explaining your expectations.

Invest your time and money wisely on legal marketing and develop systems that are not dependent on expensive outside experts.

There is no reason…you should create some kind of goofy, unprofessional, circus-like persona to attract clients.

Where do I start here?

Plastering your face on a bus?

Creating a billboard with you in front of a police car (lights flashing, of course)?

Creating a name like “legal smarts” or “ticket monkey” or participating in a referral scheme that has an urgent or emergency-like phone number?

All of those gimmicks will attract attention but they make you look foolish and will ultimately blow up in your face.

There is no reason…you should hire a failed, part time, unsuccessful lawyer to help you with business strategy and client attraction for your law firm.

There are lots of lawyers who couldn’t cut it in the real world.  These folks then go on to pitch other lawyers on using their ‘success’ strategies to build a thriving business…something the pitchman or pitchwoman has never done.

Why invest your money in a fraud?

I’m sure you receive a great deal of advertising and solicitation from people who claim they can deliver a big bag of cash to your doorstep if you simply hand a small bag of cash to them each month.

Unfortunately there is no advertising for commonsense.

Your goals for client attraction and relationship development can be achieved through the development and deployment of law firm marketing systems that you control.

As the chief executive officer of your law firm, you must have enough working knowledge of law firm marketing to make good decisions on vendor selection and system development.

They do not teach this in law school.  There is no one out there “selling you” on spending less money.

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