These Lawyer Success Tips Will Kill Your Firm

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Lawyer Success Tips You Must IgnoreThere are lots of people out there who want to help you out.

These days, it seems like everyone who can’t find a job is some kind of “consultant.”  Even many lawyers, whose success credentials are suspect (at best) or fraudulent (at worst) are getting into the act. Every week I get an email from some lawyer offering to give me the “secrets” to this or the “keys” to that.

It’s a good thing I’m here to help you separate truth from fiction.

Here are five common success “tips” spouted by the “gurus.”  Follow this guidance and you just may wind up in the poorhouse.

Just be a good lawyer and clients will find you.  This is not only bad advice it is usually given by someone who is hypocritically promoting himself via a blog or on television or in a networking group or on social media.   You must promote yourself if you ever want to be a good lawyer for a paying client.

Until people understand the depth of your knowledge, until they have a good sense of your capability, until they experience your brilliance, you are irrelevant.

Yes, you must be a good lawyer.  But once you are, you need to be great at legal marketing or you will be the best lawyer nobody knows.

If a client balks at your fee, reduce it.  This is what losers do.  Your fee should be fair compensation for the value you provide.  The more your client invests in working with you, the more value he receives.  If you charge $150 per hour, the client’s perception will be “you are half as good as someone who charges $300 per hour.”

By the way, people who punch a time clock are always going to be starving for cash.  If you bill by the hour you are an amateur.  Plain and simple.

Figure out how much value you provide to your client and charge accordingly.  Think this isn’t possible?  Think your clients aren’t ready for it?  Lawyers in every practice area are doing it every day.  Lose the crappy mindset and be creative.

Every client only wants to work with you.  A client will work with a lawyer they know, like and trust.  If you position yourself as the only person in your firm who can handle certain issues, of course clients will resist working with someone else.

As a business owner (a law firm is a business) you must develop systems, processes and procedures to handle all clients and matters.  Over time, your role must morph into leading the team rather than doing the work.  If it doesn’t, your income will be severely limited.

If you educate people they will solve the problem themselves.  I hear this all the time from lawyers.  My response is simple:  Anybody who is going to file his own trademark application, or defend himself on a DUI charge, or file his own immigration paperwork, would be a terrible client for you anyway.

Educational marketing helps clients make good decisions.  This includes helping the client make a decision on which lawyer to hire and how seriously they should be taking their situation.  Educate your clients, prospective clients, and referral sources.  It is one of the best ways to demonstrate the value you provide.

Side note: This is one of the reasons you must charge for your initial consultation.  If they take your advice and use it themselves or worse, give it to another lawyer, at least you got paid for the value you provided.  Additionally, anyone who will not pay an initial consultation is probably not going to pay your fee for representation.  It’s better to find out up front.

You can just figure out your business strategy and marketing as you go along.  Most lawyers allow their practice to “just happen.”  If the phone rings they figure it is because they are doing a good job and their reputation is permeating throughout the community.  This thinking is accurate until the telephone stops ringing.

Your future is too important to leave to chance.

Take action.  Develop a plan.  Focus on a business strategy that makes sense given your strengths and the market for your services.  Adjust your plan over time.

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