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Things You Need to KnowEach week I provide you with a summary of the most valuable articles on law firm marketing, business strategy for lawyers, practice management, and productivity improvement from across the internet.

Well, at least from my website (but it is the best source of legal marketing and management information).

This week we have some great information that will help you make a great living and live a great life ®.

Read through these articles and put them into action as soon as possible.

How to Create an Insurmountable Competitive Advantage

What makes you different compared with everyone else who does what you do? If this is a difficult question to answer, you need to read this article and listen to this audio program.

You can create a competitive advantage with your body of work.

Most attorneys write articles or record videos because they want to generate leads from new prospective clients.  This is a valid use of these marketing tools but it is not the only use of them. Every piece of educational material you create not only helps you attract new clients, it also increases your body of work - which is a competitive advantage for you.

Stop Making These Mistakes

There are five common mistakes most lawyers make. They can be fatal to your law firm. But you don’t have to make them. Or if your are making them now, you can make things right before it’s too late.

Take a quick look at this article and see if anything seems familiar.

How to Have a Conversation that Leads to Referrals

Everyone wants more referrals but most lawyers don’t know how to ask for them. This video is a guide you can use to attract the referrals you deserve. In less than five minutes you will discover the five key questions you should ask to stimulate referral thinking.

Could you benefit from more clients? Do you like referrals? Watch this short video today.

The F_R_E_E CD You May Have Missed

I have been offering you a CD that provides you with a roadmap to making a great living and living a great life ® as a lawyer for a while now.  If you have not taken me up on my offer, you are in the minority.

Follow this link to take me up on my offer today. I’m making this investment in you (I even pay for the shipping). It’s it time you invest the time in listening to this audio program.

Your Shortcut to Success

There are no real shortcuts in life. But there are ways you can benefit from the experience of others. There is a way you can avoid the money-grubbing scammers who are peddling get rich quick schemes for lawyers.  (You may not even know these people are out to fleece you.)

My private client experience is a one-on-one relationship directly with me and I will help you make better decisions with your law firm marketing. You can use me as a resource to: attract more clients, attract better clients, streamline your workflow, get out of work on time every night, improve your productivity, manage your law firm’s cash flow and much more.

This private client experience is a way you can benefit from my interaction with hundreds of lawyers in dozens of practice areas.

This is as close to a shortcut as you’re going to get. Take a look: Dave Lorenzo’s Private Client Experience.