Thoughts On Business Coaching for Lawyers

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Why Consider Business Coaching for LawyersOver the years I have made several impassioned cases for law firm leaders to enlist the help of business coaches.  There are many reasons good lawyers work with business experts.  Perhaps the most important reason is the peace of mind you receive when you bounce a new business strategy off someone who has “been there and done that.”

Below are a few articles I penned over the years to help attorneys make educated decisions when hiring a business coach.  I re-share these with you now because I have a new program in place for coaching attorneys and it is the best option in the market today.

I offer three opportunities for attorneys who would like assistance in developing their law firms.  Each of these options is a one-on-one relationship working directly with me.

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Here are some additional articles you should read about coaching: 

How a Lawyer Selects a Business Coach

This article will give you some guidelines to follow when interviewing business coaches for your law firm.  Look at the criteria and see if your coach measures up.

Business Coaching for Lawyers as a Competitive Advantage

This is one of the best reasons to hire a business coach for your law firm.  He will help you take your skills from good to great.

Law Firm Business Coaching Case Study

Here is a great example of a client who had great results while working with a fantastic business coach.  Read through it and see if you are receiving this kind of guidance and support in your law firm.

As you can imagine, selecting a business coach who specializes in helping attorneys grow and develop a law firm is difficult.  To make things easier, I offer three unique experiences for lawyers looking to grow.

You can find complete information on this service by going to my provide client group webpage: Dave Lorenzo Private Client