Three More Ways to Promote Your Law Firm Blog

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Attorney Marketing With Blog PromotionOne of the questions I am asked frequently is how a lawyer marketing his services can promote his blog.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of ways to promote a blog.  I’m going to highlight three of them.

Email One Article Each Week But Include Links to Others

Your weekly email newsletter is a great place to highlight articles from your blog.  If you use the same content from your blog in your weekly email newsletter, always highlight a few articles that are only available on the blog itself.

This helps bring readers back to your primary web presence. It also gives them an opportunity to opt-in to deepen their relationship with you.

Write Articles for On-Line Publications and Include a Link Back

Leverage the audience of someone who has influence over your target market.  Write articles in as many publications as possible as long as they have a strong readership with your target market.

In the box that has your biography and contact information, include a link to your blog.  This link will serve you better than a link to a traditional website.

Subscribe Off-Line Contacts to Blog Updates

When you go to a networking event you meet lots of people.  One of the best ways to stay in touch with these folks is by subscribing them to your blog updates.  Make sure your content is available via an email link and add people you meet to this email feed.

Boosting the readership of you blog is a way to deepen your relationship with you audience.

You must spend time promoting new readership and CONTINUED readership of your blog.

Here are three additional articles you should review:

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Write for Relationships

The way you write matters.  There are ways to create content that will engage and motivate your readers.  Your blog should be a platform for you to express your ideas in a way that energizes this group.

The Reasons for Blogging

This is a nice refresher on the reasons why a blog is helpful and important (actually critical) to law firm marketing.