Video: Effective Marketing with a Law Firm Website

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Effective Marketing for Lawyers with a Law Firm Website

Your law firm website should help you do 4 things:

1). Increase your visibility in your target market

2). Build credibility with your prospective client base

3). Differentiate your law firm from the competition

4). Generate leads for your law firm

What should you do to make certain that your website has met each of these key objectives?


For visibility you should make sure that your site is optimized for the key words that your clients associate with your area of practice specialty.  This process is called search engine optimization and you could attempt to do it yourself but it is usually cost effective to have a professional handle this for you.


When it comes to credibility you should definitely post all of the biographical information that is currently available on most attorney websites.  But in addition to that information you can give your credibility a big boost by adding educational information to your website.  Teaching is a terrific way to establish your credentials as an expert.  If people view your website as an educational resource they will certainly look to you as a potential solution for their problems.


Differentiation is something that most law firm websites struggle to achieve.  They all look alike and they are all boring.  If your website doesn’t stand out your law firm has little chance of standing out from the crowd.  Find a way to be different.

Lead Generation

Finally we come to lead generation.  How will you know who visits your website and how will you follow up with them?  You need to offer something – a white paper, audio or video to your clients in return for their email address. 

That’s right.  You need to get their email address so that you can send them your newsletter and any other educational material you produce in the future.

These are the four key outcomes your law firm website should deliver.

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