Website Not Converting?  It’s Your Personality

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Lawyer Marketing Your Blog StinksThe phone in my office rang the other day and there was a lawyer on the other end of the line complaining about his website.

He gets lots of traffic but nobody calls him.

He has an opt-in box that offers a free report and he updates his blog each day, yet…nothing.

No calls, no email, no opt-ins – in short, no love.

His question to me:  Why?

Why, when he was seemingly doing everything right, did he not have the business to show for his effort?

“Hmmm.” I said.  “Let me take a look.”

It turns out this lawyer’s marketing strategy was solid but his execution was poor.

This lawyer is a personal injury attorney.  Typically he deals with devastating injuries, horrific accidents and gross medical errors.  Due to his efforts, victims are able to live the best life possible in spite of their circumstances.

And that’s what he writes about on his website.  Constantly.

Topics from the past week:

  • Medical error that killed a grandma.
  • Devastating car accident that left a farther of five paralyzed.
  • Wrong drug dispensed in a hospital resulting in a seizure and partial paralysis.
  • Compound fracture of a leg by an 8 year old in a little league game.
  • Nursing home abuse of several elderly residents.

His articles go into significant detail about each case.  He highlights the damages to the parties involved.  He includes photos.  And he invites you, the reader to call him if this happens to you.

And he follows this routine every day.

After reading one week’s worth of posts on his blog, I was ready to drink a bottle of scotch.

It was depressing.

This guy was missing the point.

Your blog is not a sterile academic environment.  It is a cocktail party.

People drop by from time-to-time to engage in conversation and see what’s new.  If you want to tell them a story, that’s great.  Make sure you keep it light and in the language of the layman. Then move on to discussing things you have in common and things that can help them improve the quality of their own lives.

Yeah, I know, Google loves those keywords and you write about actual cases because it is a great way to naturally introduce them into your blog.  But more and more, Google is moving away from your keyword stuffed content and toward author authority – which is gleaned from the context of your body of work.

So if you are the purveyor of gloom and doom, you may be confused with a mortician or an emergency room doctor.  (I’m making that up to illustrate a point.)

Write for people.

If, at a cocktail party, you told someone seven stories in a row about death and medical errors, how long do you think that person would hang around you?

The most egregious website errors I see in lawyer marketing stem from misunderstanding the reader and not using your personality in your writing.

Write for people not search engines.