What are the key differences between Image Marketing and Direct Response Marketing?

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Image marketing is about the slow crafting of an image in the marketplace; it’s not about getting immediate results and sales.

Direct response marketing is all about producing leads, driving client traffic to your firm, and getting immediate revenue in the door.

Image marketing is about feel, brand development and the impression your firm creates in the mind of the client. 

Direct response marketing says “Call Now!”

Image marketing says: “I’m cool.  Love me.  Remember me.”

Direct response marketing is measurable. You can look at the specific costs of any given direct response campaign, look at the number of clients that came from it, do some simple math and figure out how effective that campaign was.

Image marketing is not measurable beyond tracking the total amount of money spent on it. 

Large companies with big marketing budgets can potentially benefit from the focused development of a positive image over time.  Small firms with limited dollars often prefer to invest in a marketing campaign that will produce measurable results rapidly. 

The image of your firm is important but building a client base is more important.  Your image will develop as a byproduct of your outstanding work on your clients’ behalf.