What Are You Waiting For?

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What Are You Waiting For?I used a strong headline at the top of this article for two important reasons:

1). To Get Your Attention: – just for the few minutes it takes to read this

2). Making a point:  The headline represents a legitimate question you should be asking yourself (more on that in a second but first I’ve got a few really important questions…)

Isn’t it frustrating when you see a middle-of-the-road lawyer with more clients than you?

Doesn’t it kill you to hear that people who graduated from lower level law schools, with mediocre grades are now earning more money?

Have you ever wondered why second career lawyers out earn attorneys who went to the top firms right out of graduation?

I see this every day.

So-so lawyer, nowhere near as good as you, yet has lots of clients.

What is his secret?

For a while he may have been an Internet maniac, gaming search engines and collecting all the leads from the web.  Google is in the process of sorting those folks out and, in a year or two, only the true experts (or the firms with big advertising budgets) will be able to show up on page one.

He may be on TV or on the radio, buying his way to credibility with people who know of no other place to find a lawyer.

And he may be one of those lawyers investing in a lawyer/client matchmaking service.

One thing is for sure, he knows how to get clients even if he doesn’t know which table to sit at in a courtroom.

Did you think going out on your own was going to be different?

Did you think you’d hang your shingle and clients would suddenly find you?

Did you think your reputation would have great clients beating a path to your door ready to pay high fees?

Sometimes the best lawyers wind up sitting in their office waiting for the phone to ring

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The secret the mediocre lawyer with all the clients knows is that you must have a dedicated system to attract new clients. There’s a sequence of steps you must follow and a specific mindset necessary to attract clients.

But you do not want just any clients.

You want the right clients. Clients who understand the need for hiring a good lawyer. Clients who understand the value of the service you provide. Clients who can and will pay your fee without hesitation.

Wouldn’t it be great if all your clients were just like your best client?

That’s not only possible, it is reality if you know who your ideal client is, where to find him, and how to develop a message that he will respond to.

There is an Answer

During the past five years I have worked with over three hundred lawyers. The work I did with these attorneys centered on developing a system that, once implemented, would help them attract clients with greater consistency. Together these attorneys and I tested and re-tested everything. We fine-tuned our work until we had a system that could be implemented easily, in a short time and could run under the direction and guidance of office staff.

But I’m not trying to sell you on this system today.

In fact, I’m not selling you on anything except the quality of life you deserve.

That quality of life comes from attracting the right client relationships.

Now, if you want to discover the quality of life you can have as a result of creating client relationships on demand, I can provide it to you for f-r-e-e.

I paint this picture for you in an interview I did with national radio host Jackie Bales.

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I’m extending this invitation to you because you took the first step and reached out to me.

You’ve been reading my articles for a while.

You deserve a great living and a great life®.

Take the next step.

Request my free CD on this web page:  Free CD from Dave Lorenzo

After you’ve listened to it, give me a call.  We can talk about how you can build a law firm that delivers the lifestyle you deserve. 888.444.5150