What is a Blog?

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The word “blog” is an abridgement of the words “web log” – which is to say that somebody combined the two words somewhere along the way and the catchy term “blog” became a standard.

A blog is essentially a website that is updated regularly with new content.  The content can be articles, it can be audio, video or it can be a combination of all of the above. 

There are a few common characteristics that differentiate a blog from “static” websites.  These characteristics are:

  • The content on a blog is updated regularly.  Updates can range from daily to weekly or monthly.
  • Blog content is organized in some fashion. Sometimes it is organized by date and sometimes it is organized by topic and sometimes it is cross referenced to include both.
  • Most blogs cultivate interactivity with readers.  Some do this by encouraging comments on each entry (called “posts” or “articles”).  Others encourage “trackbacks” which are links that reference back to the original article.

Some blogs inform and educate and others just serve as a journal designed to chronicle events in someone’s life.

A blog is a useful tool for anyone looking to communicate with a specific audience on a regular basis.