What is Direct Response Marketing?

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Direct response marketing is defined as sending a carefully crafted offer directly to your prospective client. You can send the message via traditional mail, email, radio, television or even on the telephone.

The marketing message in direct response campaign is designed to solicit a specific action from the target audience.  The delivery of the response is directly between the prospective client and the marketer, that is, the client responds to the marketer directly.

There are five main components of a good direct response marketing message.  They are:

1). An attention getting device (this could be as simple as a well crafted headline).
2). Sufficient information for the consumer to make a decision whether to act
2). An explicit offer with a “call to action” 
3). A deadline or limiting factor
4). A response vehicle (typically multiple options are given such as a toll free number, web page, return post card or and email address).

Direct response marketing is easy to measure because it is highly targeted.